Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009

i already count the hours

It's 19 pm and I'm still at the studio office. It seems that I'll stay here for some more hours. One engeneering guy,  is leaving us and we are making kind of "glam-metal-party" for him. :---) It's so sad that he's leaving. He's one of this cute and funny men and i liked him a lot.:'(
Tomorrow is the last day I'm working and than I finally have my first holidays since summer. I'm soo dead! This year is the first time we're going to celebrate christmas only with the family. Without any aunt/uncle/grandmother. Somehow I welcome it. I finally bought the presents yesterday and tomorrow I have to finish. I hate shopping in Zurich, it's sooo busy and overcrowded. I got crazy. bläähh!!! And the fact that I had to find three men presents didn't make it easier for me. (I just realized that I still smell like a man.. trying men parfume..^^) After celebrating I'm going to PARIS with my dear friend Nicole. It's the first time only we two are going on holidays together..although she's one of my best friends. I cannot wait for this. We will stay for 5 days in a 4 Star hotel, Mariott..maybe you know. awwwhh! And I will take my cam babe with me for sure. I recently didn't have time and inspiration for photographing. :(
Now I will go downstairs and see if the party has started or if they're still playing Fifa on Playtation 3^^..boys with their toys..

Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

one fine eve

Yesterday I met up with Margarita <3. We walked around Zurich City and discovered some pretty christmas places. It was really cold so after some time we started searching for a nice restaurant to stay. We finally landed at Papa Joe's, i think kind of American/Mexican kitchen. Delicious Fajitas! Then we went to the movies and I finally found one who wants to go watching the Twilight movie as well! I think it was pretty good although I usually don't like all those fantasy things, but in my opinion this was really okay. After the cinema we found a big christmas tree where we took some pictures. Exactly 12 o'clock the lights went out ;( and I also had to go and catch my last train. 

I just came back from the company. We had kind of photoshooting at the record studio for our new webside. So we had to "play" that we're working. It was soo funny^^ I was client, backoffice girl (what i really am) and direction at one. muaha. Luckily you won't make out the person..well i hope so ;)
Now I'm baking a cake for my company 'cause it's my birthday tomorrow and this is kind of our ritual. omg there is a big package on the table since saturday and i have no idea what it could be..just something from Manor...
I love birthdays! My family will come and wake me with a cake and little candels. This time it will be a swedishcake *yummy*. When I was younger I was sometimes so excited that I was nearly not able to sleep. Hope it finally works :---)

Montag, 30. November 2009

winter feelings

Today was the first snowfall. I don't know if I should smile or cry about it. Anyway.
Luckily my mom already decorated our home with some pretty lights. I would love to have some of this also in my bedroom. ;)

This week gonna be a little bash. Tomorrow evening I'm going out with my LG-Group. I don't know yet what we are going to do..maybe to a bar or maybe eating Fondue at ones home. And and and I have my first 4 days off from work seems my last summer since NY! AND on Thursday is the SA concert! Jihaa ;--D I will take my Nikon with me and I really hope that I can catch a good place in the first row..fight till dying ;) Hope I can upload some good photos here.

This is the view out of my biiig bedroom window- <3. The first winter view!

Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

I heart NY!

This summer I went to New York & New Jersey with Katy <3. I took a lot of photos and here are finally some pieces on my new blog.
This blog is for all my lovely cousinlis, aunt and uncle from NY/NJ; Jilly, Jeremy, Jason, Jessica, Brigitte and Roli! Thank you all for this super nice time.
Miss & Love you! <3
all photography © Judith Sewer

Dienstag, 24. November 2009

eines morgens in meinem leben^^

Haha what a morning. Nachdem ich zuerst einmal verschlafen habe stopfte ich innerhalb 5 Minuten 2 Toast und eine grosse Tasse Kaffee in  mich rein. Packte meine Kleider und rannte ins Bad. Dann puhh unter die warme Dusche...nananana...schön warm ...nanana OHH..sogleich wurde sie mir zum Verhängnis, da ich vor lauter Geborgenheitsgefühlen die Zeit vergas. 10min to go und ich hatte noch keinen Strähl, Haarföhn, Zahnbürste, Mascara und Make-up gesehen....6:50 a.m. und ich wirble immer noch in meinem Zimmer herum. Zum Glück fährt der Zug ja erst um Punkt...Für ganz alles hats nicht gereicht dafür erwischte ich noch knapp meinen Zug dank kleinen Interwall Sprints durch Regen und Sturm,versteht sich.. Die Dusche hätte ich mir dann auch so gleich sparen können... Endlich in Zürich angekommen, schon mehr oder weniger erholt von den morgendlichen Strapazen, verpasste ich dann gleich einmal mein 14erTram. Kleiner Aufsteller; ich traf D und lernte sogleich einmal seine Freundin kenne und der Sturm hat sich auch wieder mehr oder weniger gelegt. :) Endlich im warmen Tram sitzend musste gleich irgendein Lastwagenheini das Tram streifen, was zur Folge hatte, dass das ganze Tram Zeugen wurden eines kurzen aber doch sehr amüsanten Streitgesprächs. Ist doch immer wieder schön so früh am Morgen. Als wir dann wieder aussteigen mussten war auch plötzlich der Platzregen wieder da. Als keinen Aufsteller holten D und ich kurz einen Lebekuchen Kaffe im Starbucks <3 Nun, soo "situationsentspannend" war es auch wieder nicht. Voll gepackt mit Tasche, Rucksack, Ordner, Kaffe und zu zweit unter meinem schönen Regenbogenschirm kamen wir schliesslich lachend und mit Armkrämpfen im Studio an. So Morgen verarbeitet. ;)

Montag, 16. November 2009

over and over again

Yesterday I had this little concert where I sang for the first time next to playing piano! For me it's always the same process: first of all you say okay why shoudn't I play there. Than you exercise. You don't feel that safe anymore the day before. Becoming nervous. Than at the day of the concert you wonder why you're doing could be soo more relaxed without being nervous and feeling like exploding every second. On the concert you cannot wait until it's your turn, 'cause listening to the others skills makes you just even more nervous and then finally you walk to the piano (and you hope that not everyone is staring at your ass during your walk HAHA^^). Start. In this case I finally realized that I was wearing the wrong with little good if you have to play with the pedal on a slippy ground, it was so slippy that it was a little struggle to concentrate espacially at the first song.

The played blues/jazz songs went both quite good. And the song  I sang (and played), hey it went sooo well! I forgot everything around me it was like the music and I where one and I finally woke up at the end not knowing how I got there. (you have to experience it to know what i mean ;)) jippii i got so much good feedback! :D lovely! To complete the process; after the concert you just want to do it again and again and you are grown on this experience...just until the next concert....

Mittwoch, 11. November 2009

richner jingle

As you might know am I doing an internship at a Record Studio backoffice in Zurich. Well, first of all I want to mention that I'm so happy being there. ;=) I love the work and all the people there, I could really not be doing better! Last month I was able to sing a jingle for a radiospot (audio logo of a product). The radiospot is for Richner which are doing interior work.  Just found the spots on their webside. I think that was really funnybunny ;D *weeeekend-date*!
The spot sounds like it would be a live radio show and the announcer would recieve this calls just in that moment. Sadly I've never heard them on the radio 'cause I nearly never listen to it.. :-/

ps: can anybody tell me how to answere to comments without posting a new own comment^^?!

Sonntag, 8. November 2009

one pinguin


mit Micha,  Raquel, Tobias, Schnegg, Mäggy und Sili :)

ps: check out Tobias' one pinguin collection: 

Dienstag, 3. November 2009

les miserables

Well, I'm still sick, maybe doing a bit better but now I feel sick in form of needing a barf bag, if you know what I mean... Anyway tomorrow I want to go back to work, I'm already missing the other guys. ;--) Somehow it's really boring sitting alone at home. I mean you just wait until you're doing better and to fill your time you try to sleep (i usually can't), watch tv (i usually don't) or you're on the computer (i usually do). After trying all this out and feeling that my head hurt even more I had the little desire to make some music. Playing piano and guitar went well but when I tried to sing i recognized that my throat isn't doing so good yet. Do you know what, Sunday in a week I will have kind of a home concert at my piano teacher's house. And oh gosh, this time I'm gonna SING for the first time and accompany myself by piano(!) Thanks to my mom my teacher found out that I used to have singing lessons for a year and at the last piano concert some people asked me to sing. I really don't know what I was thinking about when I agreed! I don't feel that safe! The song is called "On My Own" by the musical "Les Miserables", it's really not a common popidoppi song . But luckily it doesn't include much high parts. ;) Next to this song I will also play two Jazz songs (I love to play Jazz <3) maybe you know "George Gershwin" and his song "Summertime". He is my absolutly favorite Jazz composer. ;)

Montag, 2. November 2009

one has to be the first

It's monday morning and I'm sitting at home. I'm sick, as so often in winter. And because I don't want to stay in my bed (I even haven't a book to read anymore) I decided to start writing my first blog. I don't know yet if I'm gonna write a lot about my thoughts, feelings and opinions in the future 'cause I don't feel like sharing them lately. But therefore I want to post even more photographs! I always wanted to have such a blog so I can upload all my current photographs.
In my other photography websides you usually just upload "the best" ones. Though often results from a bunch of photographs a nice rounded overall picture. 
I'm already looking forward to showing my works and I hope this will motivate me to exercise even more and improve myself. Well let's see how I'm doing in here. I'm always looking forward to comments and new contacts, so feel free! ;)

ps: the coolest is that everybody is able to post comments, even if you dont have an account!!!