Montag, 16. November 2009

over and over again

Yesterday I had this little concert where I sang for the first time next to playing piano! For me it's always the same process: first of all you say okay why shoudn't I play there. Than you exercise. You don't feel that safe anymore the day before. Becoming nervous. Than at the day of the concert you wonder why you're doing could be soo more relaxed without being nervous and feeling like exploding every second. On the concert you cannot wait until it's your turn, 'cause listening to the others skills makes you just even more nervous and then finally you walk to the piano (and you hope that not everyone is staring at your ass during your walk HAHA^^). Start. In this case I finally realized that I was wearing the wrong with little good if you have to play with the pedal on a slippy ground, it was so slippy that it was a little struggle to concentrate espacially at the first song.

The played blues/jazz songs went both quite good. And the song  I sang (and played), hey it went sooo well! I forgot everything around me it was like the music and I where one and I finally woke up at the end not knowing how I got there. (you have to experience it to know what i mean ;)) jippii i got so much good feedback! :D lovely! To complete the process; after the concert you just want to do it again and again and you are grown on this experience...just until the next concert....

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