Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

three days alone at home

I just realized that most of the time I'm writing in here I'm sick, having holidays, days off, having celebration and kind of this. So why I'm writing now...I'm sick since three days and I finished school. Kind of a summerflu. Its around 30C outside and I actually dont now how everything was able to start with a sore throat. The best thing was; At the weekend I read this little part from a diet book at my friends house where was written that you should drink as much as you can. So Monday morning I was really ambitious, making a big pot of tea with an extra lemon. I told everybody at the office how healty that was and now with the extra lemon I'm not going to be sick the rest of the year...well, two days later.... Nothing lasts forever ;))
Last week I had my final oral examination. And do you know what: I PASSED!!!!!!
Yesterday would have been this graduation ceremony and getting our final certification. Well, I wasn't able to join the party and so I also dont know my mark for my dissertation and oral ex...I'm excited! Hurry up postman! ;)

What I intended to wear this evening...
The new album from SIA and the most thrilling book "Final - The last days of the earth" saved my days
and because it was so boring this days I also took some detail photos from my bedroom..
Now that I'm finish with school (sounds good) I have a LOT more freetime! OLEEEE
I actually have time to do all the things I missed doing during hard studying time. I already have some plans..among other things I want to set my bedroom..buying a candalier and printing some of my photos large size.
And do you know what..I'm going to stay at Jingle Jungle Recordstudio!!! :----D