Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

"my remedy" jewelry photoshooting

my Remedy, is a design company that strives to live in love through a big heart & a passion for design. Creative director & founder, (my cousin) Jillian Pfund, designs eco-friendly printed apparel, hand-crafted jewelry, custom design & more. Check out the website: Follow Jillian on twitter: & the my Remedy blog:

© Jillian Pfund & Judith Sewer

go and get your remedy!

Mittwoch, 24. August 2011


hey i am home again - had two great last weeks in california. didn't have time yet to upload any new pics from the trip or write anything. but it was fun. ;=)

Samstag, 13. August 2011

The Help

Hey go and watch the movie 'The Help'! It's about the life after abolition of slavery when they still didnt have the same rights and possibilities. One of the best movies i have seen this year in cinemas. Finally a story with deeper meaning.
Will be out in Switzerland in November!

Donnerstag, 11. August 2011


Sometimes you think about nothing and at the same time about everything at once.
Sometimes you do nothing and than want to start with all you can.
And you dont know how to handel it all at once. Its just that i do and see so many (new) things and places everyday. Beating.
But I am doing good at all and i am so grateful to be here. ;)

Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

Bye New Jersey - hello San Francisco!

I was now 1.5 weeks in new jersey, staying at my aunts house. I had a great time with my cousins. they also had days off so we did a lot of stuff together. Trips to new york city, broadway show, spring lake beach, bbq, shopping, berry picking, high school party, photoshooting (cannot wait to show you the pics!) honky tonk dancing and so on :) i was so happy to see them again after two years. 
Now i am in San Francisco since yesterday. Staying at my other cousins house. She lives here with her boyfriend and 4 or 5 other guys. I am just sitting in a park drinking some coffee. Its actually my second one since i didnt know that 'machiatto' is espresso with milk here. Was a way to small for starting my day :-) well i think that is now really the first time spending some time alone. Its really nice here. People are so different and i really dont feel like being in america anymore. Its just a different mood and people behave different. Well i have to found out what it is exactly :) its quite fresh here what i welcome somehow since they had this super heat on the east coast. Well lets see what this day brings. I am really curious about the rest of the city!! And on saturday my dear jennylein will arrive!! Jeeee! Cannot wait to see her! :) we gonna have a blast! 
Ps written with my iphone ;)