Dienstag, 3. November 2009

les miserables

Well, I'm still sick, maybe doing a bit better but now I feel sick in form of needing a barf bag, if you know what I mean... Anyway tomorrow I want to go back to work, I'm already missing the other guys. ;--) Somehow it's really boring sitting alone at home. I mean you just wait until you're doing better and to fill your time you try to sleep (i usually can't), watch tv (i usually don't) or you're on the computer (i usually do). After trying all this out and feeling that my head hurt even more I had the little desire to make some music. Playing piano and guitar went well but when I tried to sing i recognized that my throat isn't doing so good yet. Do you know what, Sunday in a week I will have kind of a home concert at my piano teacher's house. And oh gosh, this time I'm gonna SING for the first time and accompany myself by piano(!) Thanks to my mom my teacher found out that I used to have singing lessons for a year and at the last piano concert some people asked me to sing. I really don't know what I was thinking about when I agreed! I don't feel that safe! The song is called "On My Own" by the musical "Les Miserables", it's really not a common popidoppi song . But luckily it doesn't include much high parts. ;) Next to this song I will also play two Jazz songs (I love to play Jazz <3) maybe you know "George Gershwin" and his song "Summertime". He is my absolutly favorite Jazz composer. ;)

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