Mittwoch, 11. November 2009

richner jingle

As you might know am I doing an internship at a Record Studio backoffice in Zurich. Well, first of all I want to mention that I'm so happy being there. ;=) I love the work and all the people there, I could really not be doing better! Last month I was able to sing a jingle for a radiospot (audio logo of a product). The radiospot is for Richner which are doing interior work.  Just found the spots on their webside. I think that was really funnybunny ;D *weeeekend-date*!
The spot sounds like it would be a live radio show and the announcer would recieve this calls just in that moment. Sadly I've never heard them on the radio 'cause I nearly never listen to it.. :-/

ps: can anybody tell me how to answere to comments without posting a new own comment^^?!

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