Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

one fine eve

Yesterday I met up with Margarita <3. We walked around Zurich City and discovered some pretty christmas places. It was really cold so after some time we started searching for a nice restaurant to stay. We finally landed at Papa Joe's, i think kind of American/Mexican kitchen. Delicious Fajitas! Then we went to the movies and I finally found one who wants to go watching the Twilight movie as well! I think it was pretty good although I usually don't like all those fantasy things, but in my opinion this was really okay. After the cinema we found a big christmas tree where we took some pictures. Exactly 12 o'clock the lights went out ;( and I also had to go and catch my last train. 

I just came back from the company. We had kind of photoshooting at the record studio for our new webside. So we had to "play" that we're working. It was soo funny^^ I was client, backoffice girl (what i really am) and direction at one. muaha. Luckily you won't make out the person..well i hope so ;)
Now I'm baking a cake for my company 'cause it's my birthday tomorrow and this is kind of our ritual. omg there is a big package on the table since saturday and i have no idea what it could be..just something from Manor...
I love birthdays! My family will come and wake me with a cake and little candels. This time it will be a swedishcake *yummy*. When I was younger I was sometimes so excited that I was nearly not able to sleep. Hope it finally works :---)


  1. schnüügguu du bisch suuuper..leider chani nid so guet englisch dasi dir chönt antworte han aber fasch alles verstahne *huuuujuuuuii han freudeli im herzlii*

    du bisch eifach tag isch genial gsi, unvergesslich, huuii sooo viill lustigs hemer erlebt..nd hans nid chöne glaube aber am sunntig ischs tatsächlich i dim suuuper gschäft gad witer gange :D.. danke für die ziit...huuuch freu mich scho ez dich bald wieder zgseh..

    nd ja dini fotis sind wie immer eifach wuuunderschöööön.. :)

    viiil liebi vo mir :----)

  2. häy mäggilii! <3 han grad freudeli adim kommentar ;P
    isch würkli es super weeknd gsi mit dir! ;--D
    biiisss gliiii hoffentliii!!!
    löövvvee back, Judy