Montag, 11. Juli 2011

thanks god, cowboys are still alive

Hey there, my mam and I finally arrived in Nashville and the journey can start now. Try to upload some pictures every now and then but I dont see the right quality on my mini HP, so I hope they are not too bad. ;)
I am really in love with this music lifestyle. Every bar or restaurant you go - there is some livemusic. Yesterday night we went to B.B Kings Blues Club. Eating burger and listening to lovely blues. awsome music. I didnt expect that this lifestyle does still excist. So weird if you come like from Switzerland. People and behavings are so different. I love this here. Tomorrow we are heading off to Knoxville and Ashville..lets see how fare we get.

at Hard Rock Coffee

1 Dollar Coffe :)

B.B Kings Blues Club <3

chees :)
music is like everywhere <3
and yes cowboys are still alive yeah

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