Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

city hopping

I just got back from a lovely (my new favorite word) trip from south england incl. London. Aww really love this country and people. I am sure that wasn't the last time. Just arrived I already have to get ready my suitcase for one week in Tuscany, leaving tonight..and as soon as I'll get back on next Saturday evening, I have two nights to stay at home (in my own bed, finally!) just to get ready for a next short city trip to Copenhagen and see Jonny Lang in concert for the first time..cannot wait for this! <3
All this was actually not planed to be so busy but there was just one thing after the other coming together..anyway, i love it!
I am sure I can show you some photos from this trips within the next weeks. Got my Leica beibi with me ;-)
See ya

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