Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

sometimes god sends you an angel

today was the funeral from my grandmother and i really didn't feel good this days. this morning i posted the psalm 23 and the song "none but jesus" because i know that he is my strenght in this time and that he wants to rejoice my soul. and really! maybe one hour later i received a mail, that i won 2 tickets for a concert from brooke fraser (she actually sings the song below) and at the funeral i met my dearest aunt (meine Gotte). i dont see her so often but i really love her. i didn't expect her being there since she is not akin with my grandmother. what a surprise. This really saved my day and i am glad that i was able to spend this day with her.
god sends his messengers to show how much he loves us. thank you.

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